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Children’s Conception of War

An exhibition of art by children who witnessed war

Children are among the witnesses of war. What impressions are seared into their minds?
Incredibly, children can draw and paint images depicting forms of violence that they cannot describe in words.
The breathtaking exhibition of “Children’s Conception of War” lets us glimpse war through the eyes of children
from around the war-torn world. Their paintings speak louder than words.

School children from over 100 countries are engaged with Paintbrush Diplomacy, a nonprofit children’s art exchange,
founded in 1972 by San Mateo artist Charlotte Pribuss, and directed by retired professor Joan Sieber. Paintbrush Diplomacy
has resulted in the exchange of nearly a million pieces of art. See www.paintbrushdiplomacy.org for a description of the exchange program,
and www.pbdmuseum.org for the online museum of children’s art which is retrievable by country, age of child, theme and medium.
Paintbrush Diplomacy has a permanent collection of over 1000 museum-quality examples of children’s art.
This is the first exhibition devoted solely to its war-related art.

September 5 through October 31, 2014

Reception: Saturday, September 20, 4 to 6 pm. Presentation at 5 pm

Admission is Free

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